Commercial Transactions, Real Estate and Financing

Kingsmill Riess, L.L.C. handles commercial transactions and legal issues arising out of clients involved in buying, selling, developing, leasing or investing in commercial real estate assets. Our work runs the gamut from routine leases and purchase agreements to complex, multi-million-dollar real estate transactions involving large pieces of property or office buildings with blocks of leases.

The lawyers of Kingsmill Riess, L.L.C. can guide you through the process including:

  • Handling every aspect of a purchase agreement for the buyer or seller;
  • Negotiating and resolving issues involving neighborhood groups;
  • Drafting leases that foster cooperation and mutual interest from the start;
  • Resolving financing matters, including mortgage and non-traditional finance sources;
  • Proactively developing the most comprehensive and enforceable contracts;
  • Dealing effectively with all the "what ifs," including debt relief measures; and
  • Addressing all title-insurance matters associated with a sale

Financing Matters

Kingsmill Riess, L.L.C. represents borrowers and lenders in financing matters in accordance with complex state and federal law. Our attorneys have experience in lending and secured transactions, loan workouts, mortgages and foreclosures, public finance, state and municipal bonds and financing, venture capital, and international banking matters.

Serving All Our Clients' Legal Needs

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