Complex Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Appellate Practice

Complex Litigation, Arbitration and Appellate Practice

First and foremost, we strive to solve our clients' problems. No matter how complex, we believe there is a solution that will work. We are committed to vigorously pursuing the most cost-effective, efficient resolution for our clients' legal disputes, whether we have to litigate, arbitrate or ultimately appeal the case.

Our commercial litigation firm emphasizes teamwork in litigation and arbitration matters. We work in close concert, drawing upon one another's experience and strengths in certain legal fields to benefit our client's case.

Commercial Litigation

Kingsmill Riess, L.L.C. has represented clients in complex commercial litigation matters for more than 20 years. Our practice has involved multi-million dollar disputes, both in state and federal courts.


We are equipped to handle all arbitration matters, including multi-week arbitrations. We are always organized and prepared entering into any arbitration matter. Our lawyers are known for their ability to adapt and innovate in arbitration matters while always acting in the best interest of our clients.


We have successfully prevailed in appellate court on behalf of our clients in some very complex legal matters, using creative application of the law to create new law on various legal matters.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Objectives

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