Maritime Advices and Litigation

The maritime and admiralty practice of Kingsmill Riess, L.L.C. covers virtually any legal matter that could arise for clients whose business centers on vessels and the waterfront. Our experience stems from more than 20 years as skilled counselors and litigators in issues involving admiralty law, and our practice of making our clients' business our business. Our maritime law attorneys handle legal matters before state and federal courts, regulatory agencies that include the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Transactions on the Waterfront

We handle all types of commercial transactions involving the acquisition and sale of vessels, including registration in the most appropriate country, financing matters, negotiating closings, drafting charter agreements, and resolving Coast Guard-related registration and other legal matters. We are well-equipped to place liens on vessels and adhere to appropriate national and international measures to effect enforcement of those liens.

Jones Act Claims

Our lawyers regularly handle claims that arise from Jones Act and personal injury matters that occur at sea, including helicopter accidents at drop-offs onto drilling rigs, slips and falls on boat decks, crane injuries, abandonment of vessels due to adverse events, and other matters. What sets our firm apart is our ability to respond quickly and knowledgeably to our clients' concern, both in day-to-day matters and during rapidly emerging situations that can occur after serious maritime accidents involving catastrophic injury and fatalities.

Handling Legal Matters Both State and Federal

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